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The Certified Federal Resume Writers at USAJOBS Resume Writers are devoted to helping transitioning military and veterans find civilian employment.

If you are departing from the military or retired we can put together a powerful resume package that will help you secure employment in the private sector. Each day, companies across the United States and Overseas are hiring individuals to staff their immediate employment needs if there is a match.

USAJOBS Resume Writers assists exiting service men and women who wants a career change into fields such as: Management, Operations, Purchasing, Supply Chain, Logistics, Accounting, Finance, Business, Insurance, Technology, Sales, Marketing, Advertising, Health Care, Social Services, Human Resources, Education, Sports, Recreation, Arts, Legal, Law Enforcement, Security, Intelligence, Skilled Trades, Nonprofit Organizations, and Senior Executives seeking a lower level position.

Give us a call today so that we can assist you with landing your next great paying job!

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